Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is a "Green" lease?

A “green lease” is one that seeks to encourage sustainable practices by both the landlord and the tenant and to remove disincentives to increased recycling, reduced raw material, energy and water consumption, as well as the use of sustainable materials in tenant improvements. Ensuring that tenants and landlords are required or strongly encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices is the purpose of such a lease. One commercial landlord oriented green lease* states its objectives this way:

The Tenant acknowledges the Landlord’s intention to operate the Building so as to provide for:

(a) a comfortable, productive and healthy indoor environment;
(b) reduced energy use and reduced production, both direct and indirect, of Greenhouse Gases;
(c) reduced use of potable water and the use of recycled water where appropriate;
(d) the effective diversion of construction, demolition, and land-clearing waste from landfill and incineration disposal, and the recycling of tenant waste streams;
(e) the use of cleaning products certified in accordance with EcoLogoM (Canada), Green SealTM (United States) or equivalent standards;
(f) the facilitation of alternate transportation options for individuals attending at the Building; and
(g) the avoidance of high volatile organic compound materials, furniture and improvements within the Building and individual tenant premises.

The lease goes on to specify how this is to be done, the related responsibility of each party, the metrics and methods to measure compliance, the allocation of related costs, and how it is to be enforced.

* The lease, entitled “REALpac National Standard Green Office Lease for Single-Building Projects – 1.01 – 2008,” was developed by the Real Property Association of Canada, and can be seen in its entirety at

COMING NEXT: How do most leases now discourage being green?

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